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We are a full-stack website and web based application development agency, offering our services, templates, and more to ensure your next project will be lightning fast, increadibly secure, and rock solid — From Day One!

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About Us


Why Choose Us

The modern web is changing the way we do things, and fast! In order to keep pace, your website or application needs to be ready. Old technologies such as complicated servers, outdated WordPress plugins, and difficult payment gateways are slowing down the web and creating major security risks for businesses and their end users.

Enter the JAMstack – It is a method of working on the modern web in a way that is effecient, secure, fast, and ultimately leads to a healthier internet. JAMstack is not a language or specific technology, instead it is a way of developing websites and applications for the future.

With a combined total of over 25+ years developing websites and internet based applications, our team of experts know what it takes to succeed online. We trust this method so much, we named our agency after it!


Expert Solutions

We don't just write code, we are creative!

Here at pek10, we are talented in many different areas - not just software or coding. Our diverse team includes musicians, photographers, gamers, athletes, and many other walks of life. While it's true that we have a highly polished set of skills when it comes to modern web development, we also have more to offer than most other digital agencies.

  • Projects are assigned based on dev's personal interests and knowledge. The dev working on your project has personal interest in your project.
  • Work with us - Our team becomes an extension of yours. From day one, you'll know a name and a face, not just an account number.
  • Personalized local service for those who are near-by. We often like to meet face-to-face with our local clients, if it is possible. We're remote across Colorado!

UI/UX Design

From pre-made templates to custom front-end interfaces, we create some of the best designs.


Startups, small to medium sized businesses, and non-profits trust us to develop their projects.

CMS & Blogs

Plublications and large content sites are a piece of cake when you've got pek10 on your side.


With JAMstack tools like Snipcart, running an online store has never been easier, or more secure!

How We Do It

An Optimized Workflow

It's easy to get started, and we're always by your side!
static assets

Static Markup

The design is created as static files, colors and style are matched to your brand identity. This becomes the foundation.

static assets

API & Function

Using popular frameworks, your static design comes to life. We integrate APIs and static generators for content sites.

static assets

Git / CI / CD

On deployment, your project is pushed to edge CDN servers on all known cloud providers across the globe in seconds.

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